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XP Cost calculator


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That's a good, quick XP calculator.

One thing I should mention, there's a few reasons we started stats at 2. One is because it gave consistently better results and if you really want to min-max, we aren't going to stop you. We wanted to give enough freedom for players to hang themselves, if you will. You could, in theory (and your GM lets you) sell off your Rank 2 for 27xp each. However, in order to have a balanced character, we don't recommend this. We do encourage GMs to use a min-maxer reducing their stats to 1 against them.
Arranged things around without messing with the basic logic of the calculator. It's now organized as the skills are on the sheet.

I'm sure there are derivations from here: a Dice calculator, the huge effort of making a drop down menu with calculator for talents and a simple calculator to other derived elements like resolve. I shall ponder on it.