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What is your favorite system in Shattered?


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So, I would like to know what are yall's favorite system(s) in Shattered and why. Not only because I find it interesting what people find about the game, but it may help us tailor some of the systems that are less popular to encourage people to play them more.


I'll start off, my favorite is Martial Arts. I love having some nice close range attacks to take out enemies as well as better grappling skills.
I love the magic system. Having the ability to build a spell on the fly for a unique situation is awesome. It doesn't restrict you like most games where you have a spell list and if you didn't prepare a spell or if you didn't learn it and you end up needing it you're screwed. The only restriction you have is how ballsy you're feeling, if you want to try and overcast it or not.


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IТm actually a fan of the Psy system. The idea that you can sacrifice your physical talents and replace them with your mind is awesome, with some risk and reward in the form of strain. Technically you could build a whole combat character around your mind, and try to mitigate the strain. You could roll yourself into an early grave, but you could also be a mind ninjaЕ

Lots of opportunity for some crazy scenes there.


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From what I've got to play with so far, the primaltheurgy. I'm not a fan of magic in games because I hate managing the resource. The way you've built it really appeals to me.


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Not sure if it's so much a system, but I absolutely love mutations to death. You have a pretty wide range of abilities that can offer a lot of different strategies in combat. I can't wait to show you guys some of the higher level ones. :)


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I like Illusion, it's really versatile and easy to use so that you don't have to dedicate your entire sheet to it for it to be good.
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