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The Belgian Connection


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Hello, I have some changeаto submit to your gaming system. Overall the people I met to talk about the games like the artwork, the game ruleаand will be ready to buy it right out. Some people would like sommeаchanges to have a perfect game.
So, Arkana Primaltheurgyаis not balanced enough and lack of utility spells. A player would like to use the dice code for the weapon and arkanaа(1sp by step)аdamage instead of using the D6. They would combine some combat action (run+attack= 4ap Run Charge). And make some change in the initiative rules.

And, they would like the see the game translate in french.


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Thanks for the input, I'll bring up your input at our meeting tonight.

Barring that, here are some of my thoughts:

In regards to Arkana, you are not required to level only a single magic school at a time. Primaltheurgy is primarily built around destruction, but you may at any point, providing you have the XP, acquire new ranks in Necromancy, or even look into building some of the Psychic talents to give your character a more well rounded skill set.

In regards to damage, do you mean increasing damage from d4 to d6 to d8, d10 and so on?

As far as the combat action you mentioned, take a look at Charge and let me know if that's what you were looking for.

Were there any thoughts specifically about the changes they would like to see with initiative?


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Okay, I understand, it's a lot of work for me but I understand.

Yeah, he told me that's weird to have a nice dice system and don't use it for all the throw. I think it isn't difficult to do the change. For exemple the warаaxe with 4 in strength do 2d6+1+2d6(heavy)+2(unwieldy)= 4d6+3. It could become: rank 5 +1+rank 4 (heavy)+2 (unwieldy)=rank 9+3 (2d10+1d4+3). Yeah I know this do less damage.

A playerаwant to attack after a run and have the bonus of the charge. So I give him the bonus and he figure me that's would be in the core rules, like "Long charge : 4AP" and told me that's nice if some actions could have synergy bonus.

My players love the caothic fight and the malus of fear, they prefer throw the intitiative separatly with a malus due to the fear instead of having a initiative pool.

I think the skill intimitation in combat is overpowered. I prefer a passive fear rating and the possibility of increase it with an intimitationаroll, weapon, talent and situational effect. I think this could give a danger rating of what they see.


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Sorry it's been so long between replies, pyxis. I gotta say this is some great feedback, and really helps us look at the system from new angles. I like the synergy idea, and I'll see if we can't find a way to implement that.
Hello guys,
I'm a member of Pyxis's playtest group and some questions arose during our last session.

The questions mainly revolve around the use of power attack in combat and its interactions with other combat actions.
  1. Whenever a character uses Block as his reaction against a Power Attack. Is the additional damages from the power attack treated as a condition that doesn't take effect? Or does he only get his shield DR as additional DR against the power attack?If the additional damages aren't negated and my character initiates a grapple against someone, this person cannot dodge anymore. Thus it can ony block. Does that mean that I can use a hand-to-hand / light melee attack at maximun penalties for Stats+Skill-1 additional D6 and unavoidable damages?
  2. After a character havevinitiated a grappel, does he need to take a grapple action for 2 AP and makes a opposed check to disengage? Or does that only concerns the one who failed the first opposed check.
  3. When defending in a grapple, can you use the alternate reactions from the martial arts such as the possibility to redirect the attack to someone else? Does you still take a -4 while doing so?
  4. Can a character already involved in a grapple use a counter-grapple against someone outside a grapple? If so, does he takes a -4? (That would surely creates interesting brawls but that doesn't seem likely ^^' )
  5. Do you take a -4 while using the combat talent "Human Shield" against someone outside the grapple?
  6. Isn't the stealth talent "Shadow Dredge" a bit too strong for only 6 XPs? As we have understood a free stealth attack means that if a character uses a range stealth power attack, the ennemy cannot avoid the damage, get his armor and shield automatically bypassed, and receives ton of damages (This works too, albeit a bit differently in melee range). With the use of the armor modification that gives +3 to stealth check, and the action help from 2 guys (thus 1 Pa each), it's nearly a free one shot each time.
  7. Are there any restriction governing the use of the action "Aid Another"? We considered that it was only 1 help from a friend per action, but are there additional rules? Can you help a friend intimidate someone (so, if you are in a group of 5, can you give a +8 to your friend roll?) Can you help someone be stealthy?
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1. With block, any damage is unavoidable if it exceeds the total DR (Power Attack or not). That includes armor and shield. Since the enemy can still block, the damage is technically unavoidable BUT you still have to exceed their DR to do damage.

2. yes, you have to roll a successful grapple check to disengage

3. Yes to both.

4. See next post Good catch, we need to clarify that. Grappling states that you can only block unless you have a talent that says otherwise, and Counter Grapple (Daohd Rank 2) states that you can grapple an attacking opponent as a reaction in place of a dodge or block.

5. No. It is a grapple check between you and your direct opponent, not the 3rd party.

6. Shadow Dredge has been addressed. Under the revised rules, Shadow Dredge can only happen once per round. You still have to succeed in a stealth roll and THEN in the successful attack. The enemy can avoid the damage with a successful dodge (full damage mitigation) or block (partial to full damage mitigation depending on your damage and the target's DR).

7. There are no rules outside of what is mentioned. So yes, you could aid a friend with an intimidate or stealth check. Though it is up to your GM to allow whatever justification you may give.
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Hey! Just wanted to let you know we've clarified #4:

Rank 2 - Counter Grapple: As a reaction to attacks made within the character’s reach, the martial artist may roll to grapple instead of dodge or block. If the grapple check is superior to the attack check, no damage is taken and both characters are now grappled. This ability cannot be used if the character is already grappling another target.


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This was helpful as I have a painful grappling player in my session who always seems to bring up these questions. So I'll point him to the thread.

Although my issue is once you are in a grapple as an NPC or player, if you are not proficient in hand to hand, you get stuck.. even if your character is much more powerful in experience or even strength, should there be alternate ways to fight out of a grapple?

While In a grapple can I hit my opponent if I feel I can not exacape, and what is the negative.


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New Grappling
To start grappling, a character must first initiate with an opposed hand-to-hand check. If the attacker succeeds, both attacker and defender are now considered grappling. If either character was wielding a weapon without the Light trait, it is dropped. While grappling, a character has a few options. They can attempt hand-to-hand or melee attacks (with Light weapons only). When reacting in a grapple, a character can only react with block, unless they possess a talent that states otherwise. When reacting to attacks originating outside the grapple you suffer a -4 penalty. If they don’t wish to attack they can attempt to disengage.
Disengage - 2AP
To disengage from a grapple, a character may either use an Agility + Hand to Hand check at no penalty or a Strength + Athletics check at a -3 penalty. The opponent may also choose either check in their attempt to maintain the grapple. Success, in either case, ends the grapple.
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