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Stories from Feneryss


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Like the description says, I wanted to make a place for people to share anything that's happened to them in Shattered that's really memorable. I'll start.аThis story is actually what got me so interested in Shattered and eventually led me to joining the team as Lead Editor.


This was a little over a year ago. Tex asked if I'd be interested in playtesting the game he and his friends were working on. I was absolutely thrilled, and got some guys together. We built characters and ran the sample campaign. Some of you might have played it: in this one, your players are on a downed airship and have to fix it before being overrun by zombies and beasties. Anyways, my players are fending off the baddies and it reaches a point where I tell them the ship is too badly damaged to take everyone on board. In fact, it can only support 6 people in addition to the crew and themselves. After some debate the Necromancer stares me dead in the eyes and says, "I think I can save everyone."

The Necro had a Stitch with a bioreactor at this point, and asked if he could interface it with the Arkфnik Drive to power the ship to keep everyone on board. The answer was a yes. He made the rolls, and succeeded. The airship, barely intact, took off and limped its way toward Neroth at a safe altitude before crash landing less than a kilometer outside town.аIt was awesome, and the playtest guide itself had no mention on how to handle such an event. And it just blew my mind that the system could have so many ways to solve problems.

In that same playtest, another player created an Alypse Marshal of Love, and his primary weapon was a whip- The Whip of Love. He was the only Charisma character, and he really saved the team's ass in the second session, assuaging citizens angered by his team's illegal activities, convincing guards they weren't a threat, and just generally smooth-talking them to victory. And whenever his silver tongue couldn't save the day, he brutalized enemies with that whip. I couldn't have asked for a more entertaining group to GM.


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Way back in the old days of shattered, we had our first ever playtest of the same campaign Konrad spoke of. we had 2 groups and I was the GM for one of them. So the players were introduced to the world, characters made, the scene set. For the most part the group was well put together. Casters, Gunslinger, Mutants, and the always present sword and board. they go through their first encounter and it seems at first they're good guys, opting to let the survivors take the boat and travel on foot to Neroth. So of course some combat, which they ate up, and the arrival to Neroth. Well this is were things started going down hill.

So the group meets up with the person they were suppose to meet and hands off the box, but not before fighting off just about everyone to get to them. needless to say I had to create monsters on the fly. Thank the maker I'm the Creator of the monster system we had in place at the time. so that done they were sent on a new mission outside of neroth. Well before leaving, they decide that there going to hit up the tavern and get drunk. They proceed to do so,(also did so IRL too!) and insanity ensues. а"Lets burn down Neroth and take all its treasures!"*facepalm* Me after spitting out my beer"You want to do what?!?" Them"Burn it all!" Me sigh..."ok, first roll physical resolve." Them,"Huh? why should we do that?" Me"I need to know how drunk you are in game....And IRL... thats what? 7?" I Laugh, they Laugh, Someone rolls, they all passed out at the tavern.(Failed their rolls. GM 1 Players 0)

Once the group recovers from their sabbatical at the tavern, they head out, never remembering they wanted to burn down the city. Uneventful to the destination and they come up to the guy there mission wanted, Dead or alive. At this point I have noticed that the group is basically chaos incarnate so I roll with it. They get to fight the guy and the caster, who has been the one wanting to burn everything, makes a wall of fire... Everywhere... He overcasted so much and somehow past his roll of a 20 Check... he beat it by 1. So there the group was, fighting my end boss with the entire room on fire... They beat him so bad that I didn't even get a chance to bring in the reinforcements аI had planned...

So in the end that was the last part of there mission and the playtest was over with GM 1 Players 1. great times had by all!


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We all seem to be sharing stories from that same playtest so here goes.

My group wanted to get rich. In the point in the campaign where they were told that the Destroyed airship could only support 6 survivors in addition to the party, they picked survivors based on how much money they thought they could get out of them as a reward for saving their lives. When they made it back to Neroth, they were approached by a slaver and her goons who wanted to buy the survivors. My players sold them then proceeded to track down the slaver, beat them down to take the survivors back, so they could sell them to someone else.

They completely ignored the world-ending mcguffin and proceeded to work their way into the criminal underworld, all the while selling the survivors and then taking them back several times over.

The game was a blast and I was constantly amazed at my group's depravity.

Good Times.