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Starting our first game


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Hi, I vaguely recall that some of the earlier versions released in development included an intro adventure. Does such an adventure still exist? Any advice for creating an introductory adventure/session?


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INDE Staff
Hey @soupinacan1, that was an exceptionally old adventure that was based on some outdated rules. We currently have Chapter 1 of our campaign book on our Discord. Here is the link: https://nvrdrk.link/C1Ch1

The campaign book will be free for everyone. We are currently editing Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 is about half written.

As for advice, I'd start out low and slow with a few basic creatures for combat to get a feel for how your players react. As for a story, a good place to start would be one of the major cities such as Pulse or Lokoran. Although Neroth would have a good intrigue campaign due to the various factions within the walls.