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Some Questions from My Players! (And an Excel Sheet Bonus)


Shattered Core Backer
Hope you guys can help answer these questions / concerns:


  • With 5 action points everyone gets 2 attacks with 1 AP left over with no penalties - UNLESS you take the 2 wep attack maneuver which gives you a -4 and uses the extra AP. So dual wielding not only gives you fewer attacks, you get a penalty as well. Shield bash is mentioned several times - is that a 2 wep attack? I don't see it phrased that way anywhere.
  • There are no XP costs for Psy talents, spells, or miracles - do you automatically get them all when you buy the level of psy/arcana/conviction needed to use them? Seems a bit powerful.
  • Alypse Zealotry says gain 1 conviction point for every racial talent taken - racial talent?
  • Is there a way to get rid of insanity points? Or is EVERY Alypse going to be a quirky neurotic mess within 5 game sessions?
  • Drones can't gain from non metal armor - but armors are not detailed as to which are metal and which are not.
More questions to come!

Also, a player of mine put together an excel character sheet to keep track of calculations and XP expenditure, but it's not letting me upload it. Think you guys can open up .xls files for upload so I can share it?


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INDE Staff
For point #1: Duel weapon attacks work as such, you make the first attack non-penalized, then you make another attack, at a -4, for 3 AP. Thus leaving you 2 to play with, which is probably going towards a third, no penalty, attack.

Attack #1: Normal: -2 AP, no penalty.
Attack #2: First DW strike: -2 ap, no penalty.
Attack #2: Second DW strike: -1 AP, -4 to hit.

Total AP is 5, 2 attacks were made without penalty, third was with a -4 to hit.
As far as Shield Bash is concerned, it is considered a melee attack, thus can be used with the Two Weapon Attack in place of one of the attacks.

For point #2:
You're correct. There are no additional XP costs once you become proficient within the scope of play you're buying ranks in. It does have it's powerful moments, however if used carelessly, they each are countered.
Psy, you gain massive amounts of Fatigue, which while it won't affect your Psy abilities for a while, your defenses will be atrocious.
Magic, you'll lose your ability to cast, which is devastating in combat.
Conviction, While not as devastating, it'll drastically reduce the parties ability to recover and sustain a mission if you blow your conviction points early in the session.

For the most part, they are powerful, but each have a counter.а

For Point #3: The Racial Talents are still a work in progress, once they're more appropriately balanced and ready we're hoping to get them out within the next Playtest update.

For point #4: The Alypse will have a unique ability to remove insanity in the coming update :D (Like, ETA a few hours)

For point #5: This is more due to us running on a very old version of crafting. We are planning on pushing for getting a new crafting system in place soon, which will allow us to elaborate more in the realm of items available.

I know after this weekend, I'm turning to more number grinding development, as we've got some core concepts we need to get working for y'all to play :D

Hope this helped answer the questions.