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So, to my everlasting shame. . .



I didn't get involved with the kickstarter.а I saw the art, I saw the flavor of the world, fell in love with it, learned more about it as I could. . .

And I'd love to see more.а Not so much an introduction as an "I'm sold, I want this book, this system, I love it all" post, and then a shameless "If anyone's running a game looking for players online, I'd love to try it out" post I guess.а I mean, obviously I'm just some new guy on the block.а The art was what drew me into this, and then I read more and here I am.аа I've played rpgs for years now, but never anything like this, and I look forward to the release and test works.а Especially if I can see more of the 'verse.


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Well, if you didn't know, we're still taking preorders via Backerkit! You can head here if you still wish to prepurchase the book. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride!
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