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hey folks! Konrad is working on getting us exposure on Imgur. But we need your help! We need more upvotes on his image galleryаso that we can make it to the front page.аCurrently he is doing the races but if enough people like it, he'll do the cities and other art with some descriptions. That means yall get more lore to work with for your campaigns. Thank you all in advance for your help in this endevour!

Just found this thread.а

In the interest of promoting, is there a way or a place to get Shattered shirts or hoodies. I didn't get one during the Kickstarter. Hindsite is a bitch.а


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Hello, first of all, english isn't my first language, so have pity of me.

I'm Belgian (you know, the country who beat murica in soccer in 2014), my profession is graphic designer, I work in a print shop, have a 3D printer and I'm fucking love shattered rpg.

I'm also a administrator of an asbl who plays and promote the RPG.аNormally at this point you have to start to understand why I have written on this subject.


I ask you if I can play test and promote Shattered RPG in my club, if I can play test and promote Shattered RPG in all the Belgian gaming conventions (first in my list) and if you have some goodies to help me to promote Shattered RPG (I can reproduce the goodies myself).
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