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Riding and mounts

I understand that this is a game about airships and ground is just a place for survival and combat. But I'm sure that Wratched use animals for wandering in a wastelands and citizens don't travels in city borders just by legs. Moreover there is a mention about mystrios sixth and eight leg "dells" (but unfortunately there is no discription, picture or stats for them, just cost and weight). But this setting is great for such session ending as character party of vampire, alypse and drone riding on some mounted animal in the direction of the eternal sunset (drone can ride some mechanical or augmented beast).
So, my first question is how do suggest to solve the problem of lack of special skill (and talants) for mount riding?
And the second one. May be there is some ideas for game stats of dells or similiar creatures?


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Riding as a skill would be something akin to Pilot. I'm not sure if we would use Agility or Toughness with Riding. The reason I bring up Toughness is that it could be argued that riding on the back of a beast is tiring and thus you would want to be able to withstand hours or days in the saddle. We haven't discussed this too much as we have yet to introduce ride-able mounts or ground vehicle combat.

So Dells were Conrad's creations but I can give you a few musings that have popped into my mind.

Dells would have a varying Strength and Agility based on the number of legs. 6 would be more agile while 8 legs would be stronger to pull wagons and carriages. They're not that intelligent and I would argue that their charisma wouldn't really be a factor either. Their willpower would be on the lower side of moderate and I would argue that their Perception would be higher than average.

This ends me with a few rough ideas:

6 Leg Dell S; 4, T: 8, A: 6, I: 1, W: 3, P: 5, C: 1
8 Leg Dell S; 6, T: 8, A: 4, I: 1, W: 3, P: 5, C: 1

Riding (Toughness) or Riding (Agility)

This is by no means an official designation. I know that mounts & ground vehicles (and ground combat) are one of the things we'd like to add in an expansion.