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Hello! And welcome to the Shattered Forums! Let me just be the first to say, we are PUMPED to have you on board! That said, before you begin posting and sharing your hopes, thoughts, stories, and friendly chit-chat we would really appreciate it if you introduced yourself over in the introduction section! Just let us know a little bit about yourself, maybe some history of your gaming, and what you're looking for with Shattered. Then feel free to bury us with your cute mutated kitty pictures and Vampire memes.

And again, Welcome!


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Hi Everyone! Ive been roleplaying for a mighty long time, over 30 years. My group is still going strong, still some old timers like myself, yet we have been picking up new players along the way.
I was first drawn to SHATTERED by the absolute gorgeous artwork, that began to fire my imagination. Now Im planning on running the SHATTERED as my main game for this year, which will mean a ton of work, yet I strongly feel the game is worth it.

Looking forward to hearing from any survivors that still might be viewing these posts.