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OldTime Gamer, NewTime Willing

Greetings! I've seen the previews and artwork for Shattered and am very interested in it. I've been gaming since 1977 and prefer Role Play over Rollplay (if you catch my meaning). Shattered looks amazing, inventive and intellectually captivating. I'm retired and 67 years young. If I had a specific question to ask right now it would be: Is the announced June release on target? I hope to meet you all in one way or another and learn more about this new venture.


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Howdy! Welcomed to the Shattered forums.

I understand completely. I believe we've found a nice happy medium with our current systems, the MDS (die system) in particular.

We're look at it to be a little bit later, more like mid to late July. We're currently tidying up Initiative, polishing up our pregenerated monsters, and putting a spit shine up our airships. Then we'll finish off our time with world generation and backstory. We have the framework written and fleshed out somewhat, but it needs more love. (That's what I primarily do)
Thanks very much! I'm most likely going to go ahead and pre-order soon (May or June-ish) then. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes down the pike. If it's anything like the artwork, you'll have a big hit on your hands. There have been a ton of games over the past 40 years (in my case) some classic, some not so much. I'm an Arduin fan/author/friend of the late Dave Hargrave, so I've seen and sampled quite a bit. It looks, from what I canаsee that you folks are on the right path to success. :)


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Hey there Talismonde,

Really glad to hear your praise for Shattered!а
It's always a breath of fresh air to hear from gamers, veteran and new alike, their interest in our project. I know personally it gives me motivation to push harder and better as we've only got so much time left to create our game.

As Tex mentioned, we unfortunately are looking to be later than anticipated on delivery date, however we, and I'm sure everyone would agree, felt it necessary in order to properly release the game. The good news is that means a better end product.

Out of curiosity, what have been some of the top RPG's you've played over your years? While I'm rather new to RPG's, being the youngest of the group even, I have played in DnD 3.0 / 3.5/PF / 4E and 5E, along with some smaller mini-campaigns within The Dresden Files, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Warhammer Deathwatch and Battle Cattle.

For me, I just fell in love with Dnd 3.5, as it was the first experience I got with RPG's was from my older brother, though Dresden and All Flesh definitely have a special place in my heart just due to the actual campaign's run in them were rather glorious.

Anywho, enough rambling, welcome to the Forums and I look forward to chatting it up with you later on!


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Welcome! I'll echo Pul by thanking you for the kind words, it always mean a lot to us. :)

It always blows my mind when I think about how many Tabletop RPG's are actually out there; how many stories we've yet to experience.