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New Monster Layout


The Occasional Wizard
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INDE Staff
Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the feedback so far! A few of you have mentioned some issues with the layout of monsters in the book. It was always a slight concern of mine so I have rearranged the Grunt section for you to take a look at. It does leave a bit more whitespace across the section, but I think for these few sections I'd prefer ease of use over compactness.




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I personally prefer 2-column layout: it's easier to read this way than when text is spread across whole page. On the other hand, I like that stat tables are now staying together, so it's probably better overall.


Lore Master
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INDE Staff
I understand completely. Part of me feel that the 2 column layout is more concise and compact, but it can be confusing when there's column wrapping in the middle of a monster OR the monster continues on to the next page.