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'Naturally occurring undead' ?

Dear all,а

а а а а а аI apologise if this has already been covered somewhere but I was not able to find it, if it has please direct me there.

I have read some things (such as the playtest campaign) which have lead me to believe that necromancy is not always required to raise corpses but since the reckoning it is a constant naturally occurring danger.а

I would like to know weather I'm mistaken and if not why this occurs and the effects on the world it has.а


The Occasional Wizard
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INDE Staff

That is a fantastic question. We haven't really covered it publicly, so I'll go ahead and explain it.

To begin with, all of the major differences in the world, if you were to compare it to our own, (magic, undead, etc.) are a result of the Reckoning. As the ritual was taking place, the fabric of reality between "our" dimension and that of Ragnarok's began to break down, allowing properties of the other side to seep through. When the ritual failed, the residual energy built up around the portal reverberated back on the planet, laying waste to cities, overturning tectonic plates, and boiling away the oceans. This energy also became bound with the physical properties of "our" side. In many ways it was similar to radiation exposure; drastically influencing the rate of mutation, which paved theаway for many of the new races. This same exposure also brought the wonder of magic and the horror of undeath into the world.

On the topic of Necromancy, we do draw a distinction between Stitches and the undead. The undead exist in a state where residual energy in the corpse can jump start their bodies and allow them a degree of instinctual intelligence, but little else. Stitches on the other hand are beings that are granted life through the transfer of a portion of the Necromancer's own life. Depending on their construction they may have simple intelligence like the undead or they may haveаnear-fullаsentience.

Hope that answers some of your questions. :)

Thankyou, that answers many my questions.а

However, if you'll allow a follow up question I am curious about the undead. Is this residual energy present in every corpse, of those killed in the wastelands or of the old dying of natural causes in cities? Can any death, in any place, of any sort result in the rising of the dead?а

Of course if this is something kept under wraps then do not worry.а


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Any death can result in undead. The Resurrection as undead can take place instantly or after some time.