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More Clarity on some player questions (i should just make a thread for myself haha)


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So just some player questions that i could not answer in last night's session with full confidence.
Starting with martial arts style questions. A player had picked up Doahd and during a melee encounter he wanted to use his Rank 2 ability Counter Grapple. In the book it says "As a reaction, you may attempt to grapple your opponent." but then he was kinda lost, as in the previous fighting style Effsaerae it has
"Rank 2 - Counter Attack: As a reaction you may attempt to land a
retaliatory strike in the form of a single hand to hand attack on your
opponent. You still take damage from your opponent"
So we looked up the grappling text.
"To start grappling, a character must first initiate with an opposed hand to
hand check
. If the attacker succeeds, both attacker and defender are
now considered grappling."​
This made sense if he was to initiate it but as a counter i was lost. So to help explain my point here is a quick sample of how he thought the fight turned out due to what information he assumed on how it played through.

Harold is being attacked by NPC, The NPC tries to make a basic attack with his sword in combat rolling a 10.
Harolds reaction is to counter grapple, so he takes an opposed hand to hand check rolling 7 and the NPC rolls a block check of 4. result is the NPC is now in a grapple and its attack had failed. is this correct?

My thought as a GM was that you basically rolled hand to hand as the "defensive" check in this same encounter with the NPC rolling 10 and Harold rolling 7, the counter grapple had failed and the attack had gone through. Just looking for clarity on this issue and how it is actually played out.


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Thanks for this, we will clarify. Yes, instead of rolling a dodge or block, you would roll a grapple. If the grapple check exceeds the attack roll, you are now grappling and take no damage.


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In the crafting section of the book.
Can i get a bigger break down of weapon grade for clarity. I have players and myself confused and asking about things including the diagram.
It seems like it is really confusing and hard to comprehend with all these parts and grades in one, i understand its for balance but it is confusing.

"grade 1 grants the weapon a Handle or Grip. Weapon pieces, such as melee
blades or firearm barrels can be acquired twice at grades 2, 3, & 4. Finally,
Weapon Attachments can be added to the weapon at grades 3, 4, & 5."
So what does it mean by weapon pieces can be acquired twice at grades 2, 3 & 4? does this mean to increase my weapon grade i have to purchase a set of weapon peaces but i can buy it two times in each section? why would someone do that? it costs 10-20 and provides no increase apart from being balanced? why wouldn't i just add one weapon peace or just two to get balanced? or is it just thematic? (double barred, quad barreled guns?) why would i buy it 6 times.. twice at 2, 3 & 4?? thats just silly expensive and the UC is crazy high..
I understand weapon grip. its quite simple to work out as its only one part. (adding one grade right?)
but then when reading weapon pieces i got a bit lost.

"Weapon Pieces fall into one of two categories, melee or ballistic. If
both Pieces are the same (2 melee or 2 ranged) you gain the balanced
Attribute and do not gain bonus damage twice. If both pieces are different
(melee and ballistic) they gain the unbalanced Attribute."​

But in the diagram i can have 3 weapon pieces so what happens if i do? since this references "both" or "2". If im making a gun for the example of my entire post. I have my one handed grip. now im adding weapon peaces, and i add 3 ballistic, i get the balanced attribute but is my weapon grade 4? i am not sure? as above it said that i can have weapon pieces acquired twice at 2, 3 &4? so im really lost on what my weapon grade is at this part.. but lets say i think its 4... (1 for the grip, 3 for the weapon pieces?) or what if i add 2 ballistic pieces and one melee piece? is it still balanced as i have 2 pieces of the same type?

"Weapon Damage begins with a base of 1d6 damage. This is the
damage rolled any time that the weapon successfully hits a target. The
amount of d6 can be increased without affecting the grade of the weapon
but cannot go above 2 times the grade. At grade 5, there is no limit to the
amount of d6. Note that the grade will still adjust the price increase of
the overall weapon"
So currently my grade 4 weapon can have 8d6 for damage? and if i add some attachments like scopes i can just upgrade the damage as long as i have the UC for it? also can my grade go above grade 5? or is that it? (by the diagram i think its only 5)

I think you guys should put examples in any crafting or customization part of the book that uses things like this.. the crafting shields have an example UC, Cost, etc.. and that helped me even if it was small.


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I'm going to hit the crafting sections on Monday for editing, but I'm going to try and clear this up for you now.

Weapon grades must be purchased in order, 1 through 5. Start with the grip: one- or two-handed.

Next, purchase a weapon piece: melee or ballistic. This represents a blade, barrel, or other weapons business end. The exact appearance is up to the creator.

From here there are some options. You can add one more weapon piece of either type (to a maximum of 2 weapon pieces). Or you can add mods, up to a maximum of 3.

A fully constructed weapon will have two weapon pieces and two mods or one weapon piece and three mods.

I hope that helps.


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Yeah that makes more clarity but i did not get any of that from what was written in the book. this is especially confusing when the diagram points to three grades.

can i craft a weapon but do not take mods or multiple pieces?
Handle>Weapon piece>Weapon piece = Grade 3
Handle>Weapon piece>Attachment = Grade 3


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Provided you can afford and successfully craft a grade three weapon, it's entirely doable.

You can also increase the weapon's grade without adding a piece or mod at the same time, if I remember correctly. A weapon might be grade 5, but only have a grip and a single weapon piece.


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Thanks Konrad, just trying to find the information of increasing a weapons grade without adding a piece or a mod, do you know the page reference?

also we had a very strange question in combat, when trying to escape a grapple how many action points does it cost.
And it is correct that the person trying to resist has to roll hand to hand vs the grappler's hand to hand?


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I don't see anything about what Konrad is saying, I'll make a note.

To escape is the same as a grapple check. And that is correct, yes.
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