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Announcement Monsters Brought to Life.


The Occasional Wizard
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INDE Staff
In the weeks since Thanksgiving, the team here and INDE has been hard at work on Shattered. We've been polishing systems, making sure explanations are well written and can be understood the first time, and last (and most exciting) we have been working with an artist on bringing one of our favorite monsters, the Hangel, to life.

To give you an idea, the Hangels are mysterious hive-minds that are known for tearing the hands from their victims, dead or alive, and attaching them to their wings, either through some form of transmutation or by stitching them on.

We've been working with Alex Chaudret, a talented artist out of France, to make this creature a reality. He was really a joy to work with and brought a lot of enthusiasm and some badass talent with him. Check his art out on DeviantArt and you can watch his step-by-step process for the Hangel Here.

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