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Medicine Skill


New Member
The medicine skill indicates a medicus can make a check, giving the patient health = to results, can't exceed maximum.

As result of th trauma, subsequent attempts suffer a cumulative -1 penalty for the duration of combat.

So, questions:

* While in combat, I roll my skill and apply the result as healing to the target. If I want to do it again, my roll is cumulatively -1, -2, -3 ad infinitum. Is that correct?
* Can I try as many times as I want, as the healing will only be effective an n number of tries, without limit until its basically useless to try (a UC on its own).
* Does the same mechanic apply out of combat as well? The example on Heal on page 84 is somewhat misleading as it refers to the ranks in medicine...


The Occasional Wizard
Staff member
INDE Staff
Yes, the penalty increases with each cumulative attempt. Medicine is used as part of the Heal action and costs 2AP per use, but you can attempt it as long as you have enough actions to spare, generally no more than twice in a round.

The mechanic still applies however because you do not have actions out of combat, there is nothing stopping you, short of the cumulative penalty, from performing it unlimited times. The example on page 84 was left there in error and has since been removed.

Hope that helps!

how do you recover health outside of combat? Is it just assumed you get back to full? Or does it require rest? or actual Medicine rolls?


The Occasional Wizard
Staff member
INDE Staff
There are a bunch of different ways to do that, but effectively, anything that requires AP in combat can be performed outside of combat as well, simply ignoring the AP cost because there isn't any AP outside of combat. If there are any checks specified in your method of healing you should attempt them unless your GM says you don't have to.


Lore Master
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INDE Staff
Not really, no*. This was intentional as critical wounds take time to heal.

* You could have an aspect intervene or have a really good doctor in a major city fix the issue. Something like that. It would be mostly GM driven
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