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Kai stunning effects


New Member
We stumbled an unclear situation regarding Martial Arts, on Kai Style.

At Rank 2, Thunderclap (2AP) - You can clap your hands to send forth a cone of sound that stuns all characters in a 3 yard cone.

So, the character must perform an attack, spending AP, and then claps for 2 more AP, sending forth the cone? Is that the sequential order?

Also, the stunned condition indicates that the victim loses a number of AP per turn, specified by the item or ability. Other effects state 'Stun 4' for example, but Kai doesn't. We assume that 2 AP is the correct amount. Is that so?


The Occasional Wizard
Staff member
INDE Staff
The act of performing a Thunderclap is a stand-alone action, costing only 2AP to perform. This applies for any talents or abilities that list an AP cost.

I'll add the bit about the AP loss to the Eratta list, but for the time being go ahead and assume 2AP.