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Hey, just another fan in love with this world and system. Getting ready to gm a campaign, and soooo stoked for this one. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. I have played Pathfinder, Starfinder, Dresden Files RPG, and created my own homebrew system (still working on that one though). I've gm-ed pathfinder, dresden, and the homebrew. Really gotta give my compliments to the devs, this game and world is amazing.


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Welcome and glad to hear it! We'd love to hear a synopsys of your campaign as you go or at the end.

As a dev, my advice would be to utilize paranoia to your advantage as a GM.


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Thank you and welcome! The world is definitely our hearts and souls on paper.

As for advice: I'll echo what Tex said for GM: utilize fear and paranoia. In fact, make sure to utilize a wide variety of problems that require a myriad of different approaches. One flaw in our system is that the only mechanism to counter min/maxers is to present them with situations outside their wheelhouse.

Advice for a player: It's a good idea to keep the same ratio of xp placement throughout. Helps keep you balanced and reminds you that there's more to the game than just your stats and skills. Talents can have monumental effects on your gameplay. It isn't like more structured games where you just get handed cool abilities. You have to do a little digging to find talents and combos that really change things up.