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Hey all, so as the lovely username states, name is Pul. I'm one of the Devs and get the claim as the youngest dev on the team with a whopping (recently turned) 21.

My primary contributions to Shattered are Psy and a lot of back-end number running, including the die system. Like, a lot of number running, so if there if some balance issues, feel free to give me a shout and I'd be willing to sit down and run numbers. Be warned, I will number the conversation to death. Absolute death.

However, fret not! Your input is highly appreciated, and can be game changing. It's happened in our test games, a player makes a comment about how (specifically) Psy wasn't as cool as he imagined. We (I) ran some numbers, and Psy has since be changed to be even more awesome while balanced.

So, welcome to Shattered, been a fun ride thus far and looking forward for some additional passengers!а