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Hi guys !

Hey, i'm valkhes, i'm just here because i saw your project and it interested me. I love RPG and steampunk and I must admit that i'm really surprised by the artistic side of this game. That's why I decided to sign up and learn more about Shattered !

(Oh, i'm a young French too, sorry if my english is bad!)


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Welcome! No problem about your English looks just fine. Thanks for your kind words, the quality of the artwork has always been a high priority for me and the rest of the team. We've been very fortunate to work with some of the artists that we have and its been a blast watching them create.

What other RPG's have you played? Any favorites?


I love RPGs like I said, in several forms.

I'm a I'm a big fan of games such as ''The Elder Scrolls'', ''Dragon quest'' or ''Final Fantasy'', like everyone. But I like also MMORPG's (right now I'm on world of warcraft, but i played somethings like a hundred mmorpgs).

If I had to give my favorite, i think it can be ''Golden Sun''. I loved when I was little.


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Welcome! I've been a big fan of RPGs (both PC and Tabletop) since around 2000 with D&D3.0 and NeverWinter Nights. The Elder Scrolls, while frustrating, has been one of my favorite series.

I'm glad you like our artwork, we did our best to find great artists to draw the universe. I, for one, feel that the artwork draws in the public to see what the system and universe really contain.


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Welcome aboard! Glad to see someone taking the first step into our forums. If you ever have any questions, feel free to PM us, or drop it in the general chat for us all to discuss. We are here at your bidding.