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Hi there!

I'm Bloberis

I'm a big pnp fan, and am hugely into Pathfinder. аI found this game off of imgur, and am incredibly intrigued! аI love the open progression, with XP able to be spent anywhere, and am really intrigued by the scaling die system. аI like the two magic systems, with arkana being so customizeable, and the idea of Marshals being about the coolest damn thing. аJust generally, really interested and excited by most of this system, and the only qualms I have are relatively minor. аAm eager to discuss the system, and hopefully get to play it at some point!


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Good to have you on board! Glad to hear you like what you've seen so far. Please feel free to criticize what we have so far, it helps make Shattered better. :) Hope you enjoy your time here. :)




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It's really exciting to see our outreach attempts like imgur pay off! Welcome aboard, and I look forward to discussing your concerns.