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Hello there! Stay awhile and listen!


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Or don't, I'm not your town healer.


I AM the primary editor, logic hammer, and man of a million questions for the team. I've also made minor contributions to monsters and skills. Having spent much of my time poring over the team's work, I have an easy time with answering rules questions if you ever have any, but I'm open to any and all types of questions so feel free to reach out on PM here, or on Skype at mrblackbirdlore.


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As per request I am introducing myself and how I came across the lovely world of shatter.

Hello fellow forum participators I am Ingluvies, and i actually stumbled across Shattered whilst scrolling through Kickstarter when I was on lunch break and instantly fell in love with not only the detail in this dark world that you are shaping but the detail and vast customization and personalization in this particular tabletop RPG.

I normally play the part of GM and try to be as creative and free thinking as my players tend to be, priding myself in the relative leniency I show to my players as well as my encouragement of creating a character unique to you and making that character just the way you want him/her to be(within reason, no god mode here) and I find that this particular rendition of the tabletop RPG is the most tailored to what I love most in games like these, the creation of unique stories and characters...and can I just say the spell system in this game is astounding, allowing characters to craft their own spells falls right into my view on manipulation of the arcane, that it should only be limited by your imagination.а I will continue to support INDE's Shattered for as long asаI can..and I'll find it hard to go back to games like D&D that almost seems to shackle you ever so slightly where as this game allows free roaming for in Shattered not only the sky, but realms outside of mortal understanding are the limits.


And Konrad, that character Ingluvies The Devourer...and Chacha is the NPC I am presenting from my Neuromancer Pledge
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