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Hi folks, csmithere.

Recently purchasedаa copy of the Shattered Playtest rules and let me just say I'm pretty pumped with the content so far. аI've been playing RPGs since the 4th grade (Gosh, was that really 1984?!?) starting with AD&D and moving into other RPGs that have runаthe gamut, predominantly GURPS, RoleMaster, Palladium System, and PathFinder. аI think one of the things i like most about what I've seen so far of Shattered is the classless system and the talents/flaws/disease/insanity systems that feel very RMSS / CoC to me.

Anyway, just saying hi, and can't wait for the final product.



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Welcome csmithere!а

Thank you so much for the kind words and comparisons. It really means a lot to myself and the team to hear that what we have so far is not only fun, but stacks up against some of the bigs. If you have any ideas, criticisms or you just find some bad spelling, let us know. We love getting input from you guys.

Thanks again,