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Ok, I got bored and made thisаGM Screen. It is a series of 4 pages that gives most of the info one should need for running a game without having to flip back and forth between pages. It may also be helpful as a player resource. This is the first time I've done this, so I apologize for formatting issues. I wanted to keep it to 4 pages so people could attach them to their own screens. I hope you find use for it.а


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Awesome work! I'll be sure to pass it around to some of our other playtest GM's that aren't on the forums.
I was having trouble with the space available for descriptions, so I made a slightly differentаCharacter Sheet. It is basically the same, without being as pretty, just some stuff moved around or expanded upon. I put a slot for martial arts while adding apace for the ranks of Martial Arts and Conviction ranks. I also added a 3rd page with all of the available action, my players wanted one for quick reference. Let me know what you guys think.а
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