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Game Background


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Shattered Core Backer
Perhaps I am a dunce but other than the smattering found on the kicstarter page I do no see a lot of background information around.


Could anyone please direct me to what is available out there please?


Lore Master
Staff member
INDE Staff
No, you're not a dunce as we have not released much background information. You can find some background information in the Kickstarter/Alpha Playtest in the form of the Races descriptions.

We have not released the information because it isn't polished to our liking. At the moment our team is working on editing the playtest, putting backer NPC/Monsters in order, and expanding the fluff (background information). Also, for those who pledged backer rewards other than the playtest and book (and dice :( ) keep your eye out. There will be something posted for you soon.


If you would like to know something specific such as a city/location, a better background to a race, or want me to dsecribe to you an-uknown-to-you event in time, I'll see what I can do. Mind you, it will be a paraphrased description since we haven't finalized the fluff.