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Favorite RPGs?


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Shadowrun. I like that cyberpunk setting so much. Gun + Magic makes me happy, especially when psycho with sword is still feasible.

Though Shattered is looking friggin' sweet. I like the Borderlands/Trigun/Firefly-y feel.

Also: Bunkers&Badasses

(other post deleted due to redundancy)


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I see alot of people talking about Eclipse Phase--whats that like? аI've been a Shadowrunner since 1st Edition, and I find the 5E rules a bit clunky compared to 4th. аI was concerned Eclipse Phase would be the same way.


Other than that Im a huge fan of 5E D&D, Pathfinder if you have story/character driven players and not min-maxers, Dresden Files, and a few more. аUltimately, a good GM can overcome a bad system but a good system cannot overcome a bad GM.


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I really love Eclipse Phase, though as a fair warning, its pretty crunchy. But if you're into sci-fi and/or transhumanism, the world they've put together is really awesome.


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Yeah um.....Eclipse Phase (EP) is VERY crunch. Like, I had to find a custom Excel spreadsheet to do all the calculations for me because it was quite a bit. There's quite a few different attributes that apply to different things and lots of items and customization. Granted, the "world" is great and the stories that go with it are pretty amazing.


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In no particular order:

*pen & paper*

Star Wars d20 Revised

Star Wars Saga Edition

Edge Of The Empire


All Flesh Must Be Eaten (and the Army Of Darkness edition)



(ones I own but haven't played yet)

A Game Of Thrones Deluxe Limited Edition

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying/Civil War


Pathfinder (yes it's bizarre, I know)

The Mutant Epoch

13th Age

(Kickstarters I'm waiting for)


Faith Rpg


Shotguns & Sorcery



*vvideo games *

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Tactics

Dragon Quest

Secret Of Mana

Record Of Lodoss War

Mass Effect

Knights Of The Old Republic

Wild Arms

Skies Of Arcadia


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I have played the shit out of Pokemon Tabletop United. I feel like I've done everything with that system except play traditional Pokemon. I also liked Mutants and Masterminds, RIFTS' Beyond the Supernatural and Nightbane, and played a little Fight! which was a tabletop based off of the genre of fighting games. Shadowrun and Cthulutech, too. The only campaign I've ever run to completion was in Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, which coincidentally was the closest I've ever come to D&D and Pathfinder in any variation.

When left to my own devices, I usually opt to play TBS like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, but there's a lot of Halo, Soul Calibur, Everquest 2, and League of Legends in my history. More recently, Final Fantasy XIV and Overwatch. I want to mention Natural Doctrine, because I liked it even though I understand objectively that it was a terrible game. For the record, I hate League now.