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I've been thinking a lot about the Fatigue mechanic in Shattered (Mostly because of how it relates to spell casting, but I'll do a separate post on that as it's more spell casting based).

One thing that has occurred to me (and this may have popped up in other feedback comments (though I couldn't find any with my search)) is that while the mechanic does a good job of keeping high fatigue capacity characters standing for longer, it has an inconsistency when the penalties are applied.

For example a low fatigue threshold character, with only 2 toughness and 3 resolve will have a max fatigue threshold of 5. аThey will suffer a maximum penalty of -2 before they fall unconscious. аHowever a higher fatigue character, with Toughness 3, Resolve 3, and 3 Ranks in the Kenisis talent, will have a max fatigue threshold of 9. аThey won't pass out as quickly, however they'll be suffering a penalty -4 before they do so. аThis issue becomes more pronounced the higher the fatigue threshold is. аWith a maximum fatigue threshold of 30 (as far as I can tell) from 10 Toughness, 10 Resolve and 10 Kenisis, a character would be suffering a -15 penaltyаbefore they pass out. аGranted that's a LOTаof XP to reach that threshold.

It just seems odd to me that a low fatigue character will be more capable/effective before they pass out than a high fatigue character.

I have a suggestion for how to change this. аInstead of making the fatigue calculation give the Max Fatigue value a character can reach before they pass out, instead make it give the amount of fatigue required to suffer a penalty (rather than the current -1 penalty per 2 points of fatigue). аAnd then increase the max fatigue threshold by X number of penalty thresholds.

For example. аModifying the existing calculation, Toughness + Resolve + Applicable Talents = Penalty Threshold. аMax Fatigue = 5 x Penalty threshold, and applying it to the same stats as used in the previous example:

Low fatigue character has a penalty threshold of 5 and a Max fatigue of 25. аHigher fatigue character has a PT of 9, and a MF of 45. аBoth characters will suffer a -5 penalty before they pass out. аBut the higher fatigueаcharacter will be on their feet much longer.

The above calculation is just to illustrate the concept. аI get the impression that the fatigue mechanic as is, is intended to have fatigue values be lower then HP. аIn order to achieve the above goal with keeping max fatigue under HP, then an alternative calculation will need to be used. аI'd also recommend having space on the character sheet to write the fatigue value for each penalty, so players only need to compare their current fatigue to the table of fatigue thresholds to find their current penalty, to save on the maths required during play.
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