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Just wanted to make the obligatory post introducing myself.

My name is Conor, the goblin is just my usual gaming forums name (it's a reference to an old fantasy novel, and was even the name of my short-lived publishing brand for D20 OGL content).

I'm a total system's geek. аI love taking apart the underpinnings of a gaming system, and seeing how it ticks. аI have a mind for numbers and mechanics, and often have as much fun analyzing a system as I do playing it. аRight now I mainly play Pathfinder, but I have tons of experience with various systems; including long term campaigns in: Shadowrun, Warhammer (WFRP), Star Wars (both FFG & WestEnd), Rifts, and just about everything D&D/D20 related.

In most games, I usually end up playing some kindаof hybrid (aka "gish") or healing character. аI tend to favor talkers over sneakers, and thinkers over fighters, but have played pretty much the whole spectrum.

I had the chance to play The Shattered at KublaConаthis past weekend, and I was really impressed. аI'm looking forward to sharing the game with my regular group, and participating in the community here.


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Welcome aboard! We definitely appreciate a few keen eyes double-checking our mechanics. With how fast-paced we've been working on a lot of this, an extra set of eyes and a small suggestion could easily save us a lot of time and frustration.


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Good to have to with us, and glad you liked what we have so far. :)

I agree with Konrad, we need all the eyes we can get so I definitely look forward to hearing your take on some of our systems.