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Block vs. Dodge


New Member
After 6 sessions of playing, I have to ask this: Why is Block so overwhelmingly inferior mechanically to Dodge?

Dodge is an opposed roll - succeed and you avoid the damage altogether.

Block is an opposed roll - succeed and you add DR to your damage roll.

Blocking yields damage going in after DR. Of course, as soon as you start getting good shields, your DR can hike up exponentially... but that's not really how blocking works, at all: you use block because you want to AVOID all the incoming damage.

I have a lot of mental explanations and potential logical reasons for this: you can't block ranged attacks, blocking could be cheaper than dodging in AP and so on... but in the end, there's no reason i can see to invest in blocking, as it's a toughness based skill (add insult to injury).

what am I missing here?


The Occasional Wizard
Staff member
INDE Staff
This might be a simplistic explanation, but the general thought was that Dodging was getting out of the way of something completely; Blocking, on the other hand, is choosing to remain in the path of the oncoming damage (be it a bullet or a boulder). At the end of the day, if someone levels a shotgun at you and pulls the trigger, getting out of the way is going to be better than standing there trying to deflect it. By that logic, especially since both are reactions and have no AP cost, Blocking is, in many ways, inferior to Dodging.

Now all of that isn't to say that the scales couldn't be balanced somewhat. At this point, I am just musing so don't take this as an official ruling or anything. We could remove DR if you were to fail a Dodge check, where your attempt to avoid opened you up to more damage. It would make it so that Block was more consistent and Dodge was more an all-or-nothing gamble. You could also extend a Block preference to AoE attacks like Burst or Spray and say that you can't Dodge such attacks.

Either or both of those options would keep our intentions for Dodge and Block intact, but would do more to equate their value.


Idea Man
Staff member
INDE Staff
Quick clarification here:
For block on fail you still get your DR against the damage, its only when you succeed that you get the toughness bonus as well as from shields and half from weapons if used. so block doesn't deprive the character of the DR on fail.