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Attack when disengaging


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Sorry if I missed this in the playtest book.

I was running a play session with some GMs last night, and we had a baddie charge one of our ranged characters, the ranged character would take a -4 to ranged attack toward baddie who meleed them, so they wanted to escape, backroll away from them and then shoot. аI know with D&D and Pathfinder there is an attack of opertunity when disengaging, but couldnt find one in the playtest book.

Any suggestions?


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Hey thanks for playing! Hope everyone has enjoyed the game so far. :)

We actually don't have Attacks of Opportunity in Shattered. So your player should be able to escape unscathed.

Additionally, with our latest update to the playtest, we changed the rules for ranged penalties when firing into melee combat.

Take a -4 penalty to ranged attacks that are targeting an opponent that has performed combat actions with an adjacent player. If you are adjacent to your target, you do not take this penalty.
Ultimately, we could probably word this a little better, but the key here is the second sentence.


Hope that helps,