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A little late to the party

Salutation all!

My name is Marcus and Windows 7 was my idea. I was an Avionic Electronic Tech in the Navy and I am currently working on my Bach degree in Biology and I will soon be going for my Masters.

I am 27 and married, for 6 years so far, and we just bought our first house (terrifying by the way). I have only been playing tabletop RPG for about 3 years but I love em.

I found shattered through Reddit and instantly fell in love with and backed it. What I want from this game is an opened ended world where I can have the ability to throw out Love-Craftian horrors at my players and have them not die instantly...all the time. I also hate being bogged down by class types and this system handles that great. You wanna have a Drone that knows martial arts, DO IT. A vampiric necromancer that can sell a snow cone to a Yeti, DO IT! AND THE WORLD I almost forgot... I am probably most excited about the world INDE has created. With their little teaser in the Kickstarter updates, lets just say the Wall in Pulse isn't the only thing growing...I'm sorry, bad joke.

Anyway. I am very anxious to see what INDE does next with this game, and I can't wait to create my monster!


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Welcome Marcus! I gotta say, I am in love with your enthusiasm and jokes. Glad you joined us, and thanks for letting us know where you found us. It really helps us in our efforts to get the word out. Seriously though, thank you all for the wonderful words, and welcome to the fold. Look forward to seeing what sorts of creepy things you have in store for hopeful players.