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3D Printable Minifigures for Shattered


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Shattered Core Backer
Hello Everyone,

I have made a collection on www.thingiverse.com for minifigures, props and other things that I plan on 3D Printing for Shattered.


If you have access to a 3D Printer, I would highly recommend using it for RPGs. Thingiverse is completely free to download, and has hundreds (if not thousands) of minifigures ready to be printed.а

There are what are called 3D Hubsаwhich are basically local people with 3D Printers and who are willing to print things and send them to people. They are usually pretty cheap too. аWho knows, you might have a 3D Hub near you!а


If someone sees something on Thingiverse (or another free to download 3D model site) please comment so I can add it to the collection!