"The engine needs more power you say"


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My first introduction to Shattered was about a year ago when a friend of mine said that he had a tabletop he wanted to run that he essentially got from a college friend. One thing led to another and then I crammed a stitch pilot into the airship engine and completely fucked the playtest. Then recently he was all "There's a Kickstarter" and suddenly I made pledges.

...essentially the coolest story I've ever told about a tabletop, putting a battery stitch in the airship engine. I got to have that because of this game.
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I remember hearing about that session. I absolutely loved how you used a tool that we gave you in a way that we totally didn't foresee. Cheers.




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PENNINGTON! Anytime anyone EVER asks me about Shattered, I tell them about that one time when I ran a playtest and somebody broke it in the best way possible. This was easily the greatest introduction to a tabletop game ever, and I was DMing. Welcome aboard man, hope you keep finding awesome ways to spice things up.
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