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  1. Nickodemus

    Vampire Talents

    Obviously something wrong with my book. Thank for explanation
  2. Nickodemus

    Vampire Talents

    Marquis and Draculesti Ascendant Vampire Talents has a fluff discription but there is no game mechanics that would explain how do they work. So intended or not? As I understand in early playtest versions of the game they were somehow connected with UV damage to the vampires?
  3. Nickodemus

    Drones everyday life

    This may be a strange question, but how do Drones need to eat and sleep? And how they reproduce if they are completely mechanical?
  4. Nickodemus

    Necromancy and Stitches

    Am I right that there is no need for Necromancy Trait to create and upgrade Stitches? In all related rolls appears Arkäna and that seems a little weird to me.
  5. Nickodemus

    Riding and mounts

    Excellent That's what we need! Thank! I look forward to a new book
  6. Nickodemus

    Riding and mounts

    I understand that this is a game about airships and ground is just a place for survival and combat. But I'm sure that Wratched use animals for wandering in a wastelands and citizens don't travels in city borders just by legs. Moreover there is a mention about mystrios sixth and eight leg "dells"...
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