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    RECAP SESSION 3: Anox was feeling more himself this morning, jolted back from the events of the previous night. He walked over to examine the injured and burnt Navigator, either this man had been thrown overboard in a mutiny or somewhere close by a skyship lay scattered across the ash. Anox...
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    RECAP SESSION 2: Within the side streets of Downtrod, the vampire known as Samper was feeling off, he had been suffering a strange form of fatigue, that was not removed through his feeding. The effects of moving his limbs were day by day more difficult, as if by some strange effect the gravity...
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    Our first session took place directly after character generation, and thus didnt give us that much time to play. Recap of Session1: Our story Begins in the CRASH the shanty town that has grown up around the mighty walls of PULSE The Great Forge. Within an area known as DOWNTROD our heroes have...
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    Price for Crafting tools

    In other RPGs the cost of crafting tools range around a third of starting funds. In this cast I would assume 135 notes, for a tool set. Unless you include the tool set along with the rent for a Workbench. For example 6 notes per day to rent a workbench modified by the city tax. for example PULSE +1
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    Please Read before you Post!

    Hi Everyone! Ive been roleplaying for a mighty long time, over 30 years. My group is still going strong, still some old timers like myself, yet we have been picking up new players along the way. I was first drawn to SHATTERED by the absolute gorgeous artwork, that began to fire my imagination...
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    Hello, Im going to be starting my own campaign "Rise of the Deadtide". This story involves a band of land-based traders, braving the harsh dangers of the ASHLANDS, to bring supplies into the SOLUS REFUGE and the underground town of ALDINN. At present we have made up characters: Anox Sander -...
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