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  1. Tex

    KS Update Not an April Fool's Joke

    This update is not an April Fool's Joke! In it we discuss expanding our sales locations, upcoming conventions, the campaign, and a cool project we found!
  2. Tex

    Vampire Talents

    @Nickodemus check your PMs.
  3. Tex

    Vampire Talents

    EDIT: To clarify, you are using version 1.1.0, correct? There may be some digital copies of 1.0.0 floating around that are obsolete since we did the 2nd print run that didn't disintegrate in our hands. Do you mean the name change section? That was intended to give a bit more flair and depth to...
  4. Tex

    Medicine Skill

    Not really, no*. This was intentional as critical wounds take time to heal. * You could have an aspect intervene or have a really good doctor in a major city fix the issue. Something like that. It would be mostly GM driven
  5. Tex

    Starting our first game

    Hey @soupinacan1, that was an exceptionally old adventure that was based on some outdated rules. We currently have Chapter 1 of our campaign book on our Discord. Here is the link: The campaign book will be free for everyone. We are currently editing Chapter 2 and...
  6. Tex

    Drones everyday life

    Drones still have a "human" mind and their unique systems are fueled by the breakdown of plant and animal material just like a normal organic creature. They are simply sturdier (hence the initial DR). Drones can't reproduce unless they graft on someone else's reproductive organs. Even then, it's...
  7. Tex

    Necromancy and Stitches

    Necromancy is a school of Arcana. When you choose to increase your rank Arcana, you have to choose which school you want. Each of the schools rank up separately. So you do ineeded need ranks in Necromancy.
  8. Tex

    Riding and mounts

    Riding as a skill would be something akin to Pilot. I'm not sure if we would use Agility or Toughness with Riding. The reason I bring up Toughness is that it could be argued that riding on the back of a beast is tiring and thus you would want to be able to withstand hours or days in the saddle...
  9. Tex

    Announcement Launch party Live Stream

    Launch party livestream! See you there!
  10. Tex

    Shipment returned to Amazon?

    Hey @GentleHorror sorry to hear about that. I'll have @NKdotzip contact you to get some identifying information to figure out which shipment is yours and what happened to it.
  11. Tex

    KS Update Launch Party Competitions!
  12. Tex

    KS Update Nov 5 2018 (Almost) All Books Shipped! LAUNCH PARTY DATE SET
  13. Tex

    KS Update They're Early!

    The books arrived!
  14. Tex

    Announcement First Arrival

    We got our first book!
  15. Tex

    KS Update Printing Take 2....ACTION TL;DR: we will be doing a 2nd print run soon.
  16. Tex


    Welcome Kevin! :) If you have any questions, please let us know.
  17. Tex

    KS Update Status Update TL;DR: we're in dispute through Alibaba. Also, we did a forum update! Yay.
  18. Tex

    KS Update They're Here....

    TL;DR: they're not in good shape.
  19. Tex

    Price for Crafting tools

    Semi related. This is a test of the new emoji/smiley. It should help with price discussions such as this. Please note that they need resizing which will happen shortly. :nts::nts:250 :notes::nts:250
  20. Tex

    Price for Crafting tools

    Nope, we borked the price on the Revolver. It is lower than what it's supposed to be. Our bad!
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