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  1. NKdotzip

    Errors and such

    It's pinned in our discord server but now that you mentioned it, I think that's the only place. I'll see if I can get it added to our main site in a few places.
  2. NKdotzip

    Errors and such

    Hi Nico! I have stickied this thread and have sent you a PM about adding some more error tracking info into your initial post. I have gotten all the issues you pointed out into our error tracking list if they were not there already. To address the last part of your last edit note for Poison...
  3. NKdotzip

    Shipment returned to Amazon?

    Hi, sorry for the trouble with that, please PM me your name and address and I'll see if I can look up what happened.
  4. NKdotzip

    Block vs. Dodge

    This might be a simplistic explanation, but the general thought was that Dodging was getting out of the way of something completely; Blocking, on the other hand, is choosing to remain in the path of the oncoming damage (be it a bullet or a boulder). At the end of the day, if someone levels a...
  5. NKdotzip


    Hey Kevin! Glad to have you here!
  6. NKdotzip

    Medicine Skill

    There are a bunch of different ways to do that, but effectively, anything that requires AP in combat can be performed outside of combat as well, simply ignoring the AP cost because there isn't any AP outside of combat. If there are any checks specified in your method of healing you should...
  7. NKdotzip

    Medicine Skill

    Yes, the penalty increases with each cumulative attempt. Medicine is used as part of the Heal action and costs 2AP per use, but you can attempt it as long as you have enough actions to spare, generally no more than twice in a round. The mechanic still applies however because you do not have...
  8. NKdotzip

    Kai stunning effects

    The act of performing a Thunderclap is a stand-alone action, costing only 2AP to perform. This applies for any talents or abilities that list an AP cost. I'll add the bit about the AP loss to the Eratta list, but for the time being go ahead and assume 2AP.
  9. NKdotzip

    Price for Crafting tools

    I may have used my own shorthand for some of it, but it should be listed in the book as "Damage Points" for 1 UC and :nts:25.
  10. NKdotzip

    Price for Crafting tools

    Fair points.
  11. NKdotzip

    Price for Crafting tools

    For reference, here is the doc I used to recalculate weapon and equipment costs.
  12. NKdotzip

    Price for Crafting tools

    Yup, this was brought to our attention recently and we have set out to fix costs of all crafted items. I will mention here that even with the corrected costs, Pre-Generated equipment will be more expensive than crafting it yourself because of the Storefront cost mentioned on page 143 (5 Nts. per...
  13. NKdotzip

    Price for Crafting tools

    That is actually a relic of a previous version of the ruleset that we missed when the rules were adjusted. There is realistically no limit on enhancements (only damaged-based ones) providing you can pay for them and pass the crafting checks.
  14. NKdotzip

    Hi from Chile

    Glad to have you with us! You and your crew are also more than welcome to join us on our Discord server (, we'd love to hear from everybody!
  15. NKdotzip

    Unopposed Tests - UC

    Some of our pregenned characters can contend with the lowest level diseases. Others cannot. Though admittedly that was kind of the point. When I rebuilt diseases into their current iteration the intent for them, if used by the GM, was to be deadly and in some cases impossible to resist. As a...
  16. NKdotzip

    Basic Mechanics - Unopposed Tests

    First off, you're absolutely right, we've agonized over this particular thing for a while, and admittedly our explanation of how to use it has been lacking. It may even be more appropriate in Game Mastery instead of being right in the front of the combat chapter. I'll state this now, we have...
  17. NKdotzip

    Shield questions

    Whoops, sorry. Shields have Strength Requirements while Armor has Toughness requirements.
  18. NKdotzip

    New Monster Layout

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the feedback so far! A few of you have mentioned some issues with the layout of monsters in the book. It was always a slight concern of mine so I have rearranged the Grunt section for you to take a look at. It does leave a bit more whitespace across the section, but...
  19. NKdotzip

    Shield questions

    That's is definitely a typo. Some of this is kinda leftover from a recent change to Shield crafting, something I'll fix for future releases. For the time being use 1d6 + Shield DR + Strength to determine the damage for a shield bash. Oooo. This is a good one, give your player a high five for...
  20. NKdotzip

    Hard to find information, Double up information and opinions.

    Good catch. Looking over it, I can see what we intended but it definitely needs to be clearer or perhaps even simplified. That said, your assumption about prosthetics being tied to player health was correct. In the example, every 10 points of health the player loses inflicts 1 point of fatigue...
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