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  1. Tex

    Announcement Launch party Live Stream

    Launch party livestream! See you there!
  2. Tex

    Shipment returned to Amazon?

    Hey @GentleHorror sorry to hear about that. I'll have @NKdotzip contact you to get some identifying information to figure out which shipment is yours and what happened to it.
  3. Tex

    KS Update Launch Party Competitions!
  4. Tex

    KS Update Nov 5 2018 (Almost) All Books Shipped! LAUNCH PARTY DATE SET
  5. Tex

    KS Update They're Early!

    The books arrived!
  6. Tex

    Announcement First Arrival

    We got our first book!
  7. Tex

    KS Update Printing Take 2....ACTION TL;DR: we will be doing a 2nd print run soon.
  8. Tex


    Welcome Kevin! :) If you have any questions, please let us know.
  9. Tex

    KS Update Status Update TL;DR: we're in dispute through Alibaba. Also, we did a forum update! Yay.
  10. Tex

    KS Update They're Here....

    TL;DR: they're not in good shape.
  11. Tex

    Price for Crafting tools

    Semi related. This is a test of the new emoji/smiley. It should help with price discussions such as this. Please note that they need resizing which will happen shortly. :nts::nts:250 :notes::nts:250
  12. Tex

    Price for Crafting tools

    Nope, we borked the price on the Revolver. It is lower than what it's supposed to be. Our bad!
  13. Tex

    XP Cost calculator

    No problem! I always love seeing fan-created projects.
  14. Tex

    XP Cost calculator

    That's a good, quick XP calculator. One thing I should mention, there's a few reasons we started stats at 2. One is because it gave consistently better results and if you really want to min-max, we aren't going to stop you. We wanted to give enough freedom for players to hang themselves, if you...
  15. Tex

    Missing Talents?

    @guin100 here are all of the characters with correct values in case you are using more than just Lorelei. All XP values are out of 400 (starting XP) and all Notes are out of 500 (starting money) Lorelei Remaining XP: 0 Remaining Notes: 140 Strength, Toughness, Agility: 3 Intelligence...
  16. Tex

    Missing Talents?

    The Lethal Weapons talent was removed and we forgot to change Lorelei's talent to something else.
  17. Tex

    Fillable Character Sheet

    If you're using v1.0.1, then it is pulling from the "Rank" column correctly.
  18. Tex

    Fillable Character Sheet

    I thought I fixed that. I'll take a look.
  19. Tex

    Fillable Character Sheet

    No problem! I don't know why there's always trouble with fillables. But even the US tax forms (eg the I-9 form I just filled out) didn't work as intended as fillable in Chrome or IE11. I really wish that would get fixed.
  20. Tex

    Racial Traits and Fear

    Don't sweat it. That's what we're here for!
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