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  1. karalis

    So, is anyone going to PAX South?

    I figure we're gamers, and they had a tabletop area last time.
  2. karalis

    Favorite RPGs?

    I have played the shit out of Pokemon Tabletop United. I feel like I've done everything with that system except play traditional Pokemon. I also liked Mutants and Masterminds, RIFTS' Beyond the Supernatural and Nightbane, and played a little Fight! which was a tabletop based off of the genre of...
  3. karalis

    Errors found in the playtest book (help the Shattered team)

    I'm not intimately familiar with the original playtest, but did the whip and the scythe have the Trip keyword? It's only mentioned on the Trip combat attack action, and I've yet to find it anywhere on any weapon or crafting rule.а
  4. karalis

    Errors found in the playtest book (help the Shattered team)

    Is there a difference at all between melee attacks with weapons and hand-to-hand attacks? They have identical ratings and damages - even hand-to-hand, which one would assume has no base weapon damage.а
  5. karalis

    "The engine needs more power you say"

    My first introduction to Shattered was about a year ago when a friend of mine said that he had a tabletop he wanted to run that he essentially got from a college friend. One thing led to another and then I crammed a stitch pilot into the airship engine and completely fucked the playtest. Then...