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  1. bear

    Official Playtest Feedback

    The official play-test looks good! I printed off a copy of the full color test and it is very nicely written out. The race pages seems a little crammed when printed however. Perhaps it is the positioning of the images. In the full version, I am hoping that the race images will be on the outside...
  2. bear

    Is Shattered really about Steampunk?

    This question was brought up during the last gaming session of KublaCon and it is one that I think is very poignant; Why is Shattered called a 'Steampunk' game? Sure, Shattered has steampunk elements in it. It also has tesla-like tech, also magical engineering with airships, vehicles, weapons...
  3. bear

    Some Questions from My Players! (And an Excel Sheet Bonus)

    Hope you guys can help answer these questions / concerns: ----------------------------- With 5 action points everyone gets 2 attacks with 1 AP left over with no penalties - UNLESS you take the 2 wep attack maneuver which gives you a -4 and uses the extra AP. So dual wielding not only gives you...
  4. bear

    Hunter's End - A Shattered Fiction

    HUNTERS END PART 1 The rain came down in droplets that felt like lead weight. Each step was getting easier than the last, but this new, piecemeal body was still alien to Raal. He was not sure how much time had passed, nor what had become of the rest of his troupe, but the head of his quarry...
  5. bear

    Chronoghast - First pass

    Here you go peeps. I tried my hand at making a monster entry for the Chronoghast.
  6. bear

    KublaCon - Pregen Character Picture Collection!

    So here are the images for the Pregenerated Characters I am running at KublaCon. This pictures are going to be the front page of a character packet I am putting together. Enjoy!
  7. bear

    Opposed Faith Domains seem a bit Unbalanced

    To give the exact example, the Life and Death Domains seem really oddly favored in Life's success. The opposing powers have the following effect; If you are in the domain of Life, you start to rot. After 3 turns (so there is some leadup), you are harmed by healing spells (which Death domain...
  8. bear

    Spell Power - Some Clarification and a Suggestion...

    Hey guys, I just wanted to make sure I am not missing something. There is a single line in the book regarding spell power; That - at least to me - says that if you use a spell as a level three Primatheurgey caster, your SP is 3. This is the only place I can find in regards to setting a...
  9. bear

    KublaCon - San Francisco Bay Area

    Hey all. Just letting you know, I am running some Shattered games over at KublaCon in San Francisco. I am currently running a game on Friday night, Saturday (at some point) and another on Sunday Morning. If you guys are planning to attend and want in on some of the games I am running, feel free...
  10. bear

    Rekindled Information

    Can we get a bit more information on the Rekindled? From the look of them, they seem to be like ghosts that are animating pieced-together constructs of organic and mechanical materials. The idea of some kind of RoboWraith just gives me chills thinking about how awesome that would be to play...
  11. bear

    A Human, Rekindled and Vampire walk into a bar...

    Hey all! My name is BEAR, I am a long term tabletop gamer and an avid fan of the dark, gritty type of horror-tech being demonstrated in the artwork shown in Shattered. I dabble a bit in concept art as well as writing, and I also run a channel over on YouTube called The Hidden Redcoat, known for...