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  1. bear


  2. bear

    Favorite RPGs?

    I heard that Project Biomodus game was pretty good... *shifty side look, tuneless whistle*
  3. bear

    A Question for the Players: Initiative

    Truthfully I find it a little counter-intuitive. Adding the rolls of all participants together means whoever has the larger group is most likely to win. However in reality, it is more than easy enough for a small group of assulters to get the jump on a superior foe to quickly devastate them...
  4. bear

    expected playtest update

    So I have chewed my fingers to the bone already and started on the knuckle meat... ...Some of us need this man. I NEED THIS.
  5. bear

    My overall thoughts on the Shattered rules

    I got to say, I am loving reading this thread. Great discussion guys.
  6. bear

    Official Playtest Feedback

    The official play-test looks good! I printed off a copy of the full color test and it is very nicely written out. The race pages seems a little crammed when printed however. Perhaps it is the positioning of the images. In the full version, I am hoping that the race images will be on the outside...
  7. bear

    Anyone running the playtest

    I'm down. Hit me up and we can work out the details.
  8. bear

    Anyone running the playtest

    I should probably run another Dev game, huh?
  9. bear

    Hunter's End - A Shattered Fiction

    HUNTERS END PART 3 The walk back to the town was arduous. With a mind recovering from shock and trauma, along with the flashes of images of his old life, Raal found it hard to keep his pieced together body walking a straight line. He stumbled a touch as his leg caught on the leather of his...
  10. bear

    Magic and Game Design

    I really, really like this idea. It means that raw damage output is still sizable, but it would also be pretty good with an aesthetic reason behind the heightened SP cost. More complex spells require more hoodoo and finger wiggling to cast. It was without a doubt that Primalthurge use in the...
  11. bear

    ID10T reporting for duty!

    ...who amazingly didn't get horrifically perforated by my Vampiric badguy. I will have to try harder next time! Thanks for the kind feedback man. Was great to have you guys playing!
  12. bear

    ID10T reporting for duty!

    No dude, you go ahead. I am honored! JOHNNY FIVE DISASSEMBLE GUARD.
  13. bear

    KublaCon Aftermath!

    Thanks for the feedback man! You guys were an awesome group and I look forward to running many more at future KublaCons.
  14. bear

    Is Shattered really about Steampunk?

    Good job I didn't go with my Original idea; Shattered; A game of Sparkly Vampires and Brooding Teens
  15. bear

    Is Shattered really about Steampunk?

    I like the term 'Industrial' too.. Industrial Fantasy Horror? That has a ring to it...
  16. bear

    Is Shattered really about Steampunk?

    This question was brought up during the last gaming session of KublaCon and it is one that I think is very poignant; Why is Shattered called a 'Steampunk' game? Sure, Shattered has steampunk elements in it. It also has tesla-like tech, also magical engineering with airships, vehicles, weapons...
  17. bear

    Download the Shattered Playtest HERE!

    I also feel a little on the fence about this. In my view, this worlds vampires are monsters. They feed like monsters. It should provide a weakness when feeding. Making this a MINUS 1 trait would be more in line with blood loss, not a plus one. A whole system of politics, commerce and fluff can...
  18. bear

    KublaCon Aftermath!

    Thanks man! You guys were great to play for. I will be doing this again at the next KublaCon for sure! I eagerly look forward to the results! You know how to get hold of me if you need any direct feedback too. Thanks again to Pul for coming with us to take said notes. It was invaluable to me...
  19. bear

    KublaCon Aftermath!

    And a huge thanks form me to everyone who came to play. The aftermath was well worth it! For those of you interested, here is a picture from our second group!
  20. bear


    I would still like to see Prosthetics and Modular addons elaborated on. Drones get a bonus to whatever they are, but nothing in the game details prosthetics. Is that on the cards for the next release?