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  1. pyxis

    INDE Steam Thread

    Pyxis - appela - Pyxis Lau
  2. pyxis

    The Belgian Connection

    Okay, I understand, it's a lot of work for me but I understand. Yeah, he told me that's weird to have a nice dice system and don't use it for all the throw. I think it isn't difficult to do the change. For exemple the warаaxe with 4 in strength do 2d6+1+2d6(heavy)+2(unwieldy)= 4d6+3. It could...
  3. pyxis

    The Belgian Connection

    Hello, I have some changeаto submit to your gaming system. Overall the people I met to talk about the games like the artwork, the game ruleаand will be ready to buy it right out. Some people would like sommeаchanges to have a perfect game. So, Arkana Primaltheurgyаis not balanced enough and...
  4. pyxis

    A Question for the Players: Initiative

    I asked the question about fifty people this weekend. What I have understood is that they would launch the initiative separately with penalties of a fear. I think the fear at the beginning of combat must be balanced. A character with a lot of intimidateаis capable of killing someone by heart...
  5. pyxis

    Shattered: Help us Promote!

    Hope you have not forgotten me
  6. pyxis

    Shattered: Help us Promote!

    Hello, first of all, english isn't my first language, so have pity of me. I'm Belgian (you know, the country who beat murica in soccer in 2014), my profession is graphic designer, I work in a print shop, have a 3D printer and I'm fucking love shattered rpg. I'm also a administrator of an asbl...