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    Anyone running the playtest

    I'm working on starting a (semi) regularly occuring session that will be hosted via the interwebz. I'll let y'all know when we get the details hammered out. Kinda depends on Baconavenger's and my schedule ATM.
  2. D

    What is your favorite system in Shattered?

    From what I've got to play with so far, the primaltheurgy. I'm not a fan of magic in games because I hate managing the resource. The way you've built it really appeals to me.
  3. D

    My combat playtest review

    On the subject of blind... Baconavenger and I discussed this and came up with a potential solution. Basically, any temporary blindness lasts only until the end of the affected party's next turn, essentially de-buffing them for 1 defensive round and 1 offensive round. The strength of the de-buff...
  4. D

    Oakstaff's Menagerie

    It'll be through google hangouts, apparently.
  5. D


    That sounds very "Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre", which I like. Do the components have presets? Like "choose a primary from this list, secondary from this list, and tertiary from that list"? Also, could we buy, say, a talent with a primary and secondary effect...
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    Fnar'n Friends' playtests

    I've been thinking about it, and this is actually a pretty awesome mechanic under this system. аааа The Dilemma: Since they aren't incorporating critical failures into the game, critical successes would be unbalanced. To address that, you could buff the monsters, but then that essentially...
  7. D

    Fnar'n Friends' playtests

    Like I said, harder than it needs to be. : Pаа That's just how I rationalize my diagonal on square grids.
  8. D

    Opposed Faith Domains seem a bit Unbalanced

    That's true, but there's a lot of rule nazi's who need that concrete "ability does x for y duration" to function. Having rules open for interpretation can be fun, but some people struggle without structure.
  9. D

    Fnar'n Friends' playtests

    I like using Pythagoras' Theorem (a▓ + b▓ = c▓) for that. But I make things harder than they need to be...
  10. D

    Video Games!

  11. D

    Fnar'n Friends' playtests

    Neat, dude. Sounds awesome. I like the sound of your players. Seem to have fun with the characters but still progress the story.
  12. D

    Would the Devs be interested in recordings of our alpha tests?

    I've got ours setup. shattered.iammrfrank.netаааааааааа (linking isn't working) That's where I'll be posting ours at for download.
  13. D

    Oakstaff's Menagerie

    I guess that makes me 5... unless someone gives me duty that day.
  14. D

    What Race are you most excited to play?

    That made my day.
  15. D

    Favorite RPGs?

    Shadowrun. I like that cyberpunk setting so much. Gun + Magic makes me happy, especially when psycho with sword is still feasible. Though Shattered is looking friggin' sweet. I like the Borderlands/Trigun/Firefly-y feel. Also: Bunkers&Badasses (other post deleted due to redundancy)
  16. D

    Would the Devs be interested in recordings of our alpha tests?

    Alright, cool. We'll get some capture software going and see what we can do.
  17. D

    Would the Devs be interested in recordings of our alpha tests?

    Awesome. Now, second part: can we upload these to the site for everyone, or do you just want us to email them to you?
  18. D

    Download the Shattered Playtest HERE!

    In the context of total damage, yes. I'd like to test that. But I'm strongly against healing the last damage you've taken, and only the last damage.
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    Would the Devs be interested in recordings of our alpha tests?

    So when I ran my (eventual) 80 hour campaign of Pathfinder, we (for some f*%&ing reason) decided to record our game session. Would you be interested at all in us recording our play sessions for ya'll to listen to? Or do you want emails that summarize our experience? Actually, that brings up a...
  20. D

    Anything else we can do to help?

    I'd like to help anyway I can to help you guys get Shattered up and running. I'm sure plenty of other people on these forums would like to help too. Is there anything in particular you could use some additional manpower for?
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