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  1. Z

    Errors found in the playtest book (help the Shattered team)

    Hi, this post is mostly to send you information about errors or bugs we could find in the playtest book. I'm starting with: The skill unstoppable is in the general feats section and melee section. The two are not the same. The one in the melee section should be renamed "Die Hard" Or "Hard...
  2. Z

    Low level game balance

    Hi^^ I've passed hours making my character for our test run, background and everything and tested somme battles with my friends. 1v1 1v1v1, 3v1, 3v3 at starting xp strength. I have some comments: We tried player vs player and player vs monsters. First of all, I know the problem is corrected...
  3. Z

    Stich and Necromancer Balancing and Questions

    Hi^^ Question: If I start with a necromancer and that in my background I already have a stich or many stiches in my barn. I know I can only have one at a time, but what of the strength/upgrades I can put on one stich? Lets say I start with 41 HP (which is good) and want to start with a stitch...
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