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Recent content by obsidianblade

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    Steampunk Inspiration

    I suppose the game Dishonoured is quite topical for getting a feel of the the more dingy cities of Shattered and the abilities granted by the 'outsider' are how I imagine the shadow arts to work.а From the anime side I believe there is a new film which will soon be subbed called 'Empire of...
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    'Naturally occurring undead' ?

    Thankyou, that answers many my questions.а However, if you'll allow a follow up question I am curious about the undead. Is this residual energy present in every corpse, of those killed in the wastelands or of the old dying of natural causes in cities? Can any death, in any place, of any sort...
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    'Naturally occurring undead' ?

    Dear all,а а а а а а аI apologise if this has already been covered somewhere but I was not able to find it, if it has please direct me there. I have read some things (such as the playtest campaign) which have lead me to believe that necromancy is not always required to raise corpses but since...
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    Dear all, а а а а а аI have been following Shattered since it first appeared on Kickstarter being instantly attracted to the style and feeling of the setting. I have had an account for some time but have never gotten involved in discussion, as the end draws near I figured I'd change that. It...