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    G'day all!

    I love the playtest you guys have offered.а а To me it doesn't seem as "system heavy" and is relatively easy (as rpgs go) to get into. I really want to play a game, but as my timezone is really out of whack with I can imagine most people, I will have to work on getting a home game started for...
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    A school project

    Firstly, I'm just a fellow gamer like you Genoby, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. а In my opinion, balance is the key. а If you have a GM or player who is too creative, I find that the desire to expand on ideas becomes their focus. If it is the GM who is doing this perhaps...
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    G'day all!

    G'day all! So I discovered this project through DeviantArt actually!аDaniel Kamarudin's art is amazing, & when I saw his art for this project I had to know more. Once I started reading the taglines: Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic, I was sold. What draws myself most to this project...
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