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Hello, Im going to be starting my own campaign "Rise of the Deadtide". This story involves a band of land-based traders, braving the harsh dangers of the ASHLANDS, to bring supplies into the SOLUS REFUGE and the underground town of ALDINN.
At present we have made up characters:

Anox Sander - Human Arkanist - former Mage Legion Lt. - He hauls cargo out of DOWNTROD within the CRASH.
Mist - Shade Ranger - Ashland guide and survival expert.
B.00KI - Drone - Searching the wastelands for the prized Lost Data - "These Meatbags will do for now"
Samper - Vampire Mercenary - Covering Anox's back as they delve into the intrigues of the "COVEN PARADOX"
Kamo'Shar - Wretched Crafter - Maintaining the parties gear to top notch.

I will post updates of the campaign and how it unfolds.


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Pretty diverse group. Keep the posts coming. Always like hearing about campaigns and storylines and the crazy things players think of!


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Color me intrigued. Please post updates to your campaign as you all progress. I'm going to be starting the same for my own campaign shortly.
Our first session took place directly after character generation, and thus didnt give us that much time to play.

Recap of Session1:
Our story Begins in the CRASH the shanty town that has grown up around the mighty walls of PULSE The Great Forge.
Within an area known as DOWNTROD our heroes have gathered within the cellars of the LIMPET a popular drinking tavern, run by the gorgeous yet commanding human Zaya. She shows them that her stock of Aldinn Nectar is running very low, and has called the Human wasteland trader Anox Sander and his team to ask him to bring a shipment of this fine ale back to the Limpet. She also has discovered that Anox was secretly planning a journey into the Solus Refuge, a location deep within the ASHLANDS.
Anox agreed, slightly charmed by her demeanor and finding her offer rather decent. Zaya decided to clean the teams drinking Tab, which had grown in the last few spans and also throw in 550 notes upfront, along with supplies of food and drink.
While B00kI, the parties Drone loaded the empty storage barrels upon the larger Dellet, the others went in search of any further clients that needed transport of goods to Aldinn. With the intention of increasing the profit of the journey.
Anox Sander, had the gist of the town, knowing which side of the CRASH to comb for potential clients, after a few hours he finally turned up a
Carpet, Fine Cloth and rag dealer called Haled, they were asked to carry a much needed gift to Haled's brother, Pun, which could be found at the Broken Chain plaza, within Aldinn.
They see that the cargo is an ornate red chest, but it must arrive before 12 days have passed, which Anox explains its almost impossible, due to distance and storm conditions. Haled asks if they could return later that very night, he will alter the contents of the chest, adjusting for a longer period of time.
As they leave Haled's home, they overhear one of Haleds daughters mention the words, "It won't live that long father, this will fail." before they depart.
Mist the parties Shade, felt it would be better to find another client, avoid any problems. Yet their further searches turned up nothing, so they decided to return at night to Haled's shop, accepting his offer.
The chest this time was slightly larger than the last and painted totally black with a strange elaborate metallic circular lock, larger than a fist. Mist scanned the box for contact but found no mind to connect with.
Haled said that time was now corrected, and that they were under no condicion to open the chest, upon forfeit of contract. He offered 380 notes, upfront and his brother Pun, would cancel double that, upon delivery.
Anox Sander took the advance payment and had the chest transported to his mighty Dellet.
Returning to there mounts, they found that Zaya had truly provided food and water from her stores for the 14 day journey into the wild, and the band departed DOWNTROD...
Within the side streets of Downtrod, the vampire known as Samper was feeling off, he had been suffering a strange form of fatigue, that was not removed through his feeding. The effects of moving his limbs were day by day more difficult, as if by some strange effect the gravity of Feneryss had changed, yet he was the only one effected. His mind would wander, his gaze settled on distant skylines and passing dark clouds.
It came as little surprise when he was confronted in an alley with a dead end. The dirt spiralled into mini dust devils skirting around him, as he lay slumped on the ground, and a voice spoke soft words carried on the breeze.
Samper had been found, or chosen by the Avatar of Air. Mistral the avatar made it clear that from this moment on he would carry her Omen, and abide by her tenents, and Samper rose from the dirt a Marshal of Air, his ethereal wings flexing, spreading their ghostly touch to the surroundings.
The party made no comment of his transformation, even when he would meditate a foot of the ground. Their minds were focused on the journey ahead, and final preparations were made, gear secured. With their Dellsit mounts fully rested, and the six large storage barrels, slung on the sides of the larger Dellet, they said no farewells but departed into the wastelands.
Anox Sander commanded a higher view, seated upon the Dellet he had named Kozal, "Rock" Spread out, on each side taking their assigned positions, his party ventured into the Ashlands, Eight days had passed, skirting storms and larger predators, yet when the acid rains fell, Mist the Shade could find no shelter from the deadly storm.
They set about covering the beasts as best they could, using the tarred canvas sheeting that served as protection from the acid. Kozal was the largest and became the tethering post for the camp, with the group taking refuge under. The canvas was stretched to either side, forming a tent.
Night came and the Wretched Kamo'shar, did not detect the stealth-like approach of the Ashclaws, reptile scavengers that had detected their presence. The hounds tore into the camp, and almost overwhelmed Samper. The fight was joined on either side and the creatures were cornered and slayed.
Mist examined the creatures and cut away what flesh would serve as potential food, his knowledge of the wilds and his little skill in alchemy allowed him to treat the tough flesh of the Ashclaw, making it more paltible.
With the storm passed the next day, they crossed the low clinging mist that condensed away in the rising heat of the day, Within this low acidic mist, they soon heard the cries of someone, and quickly found the poor badly burned individual, half dead, his skin blistered and ripe from the rains. An airship Navigator, not equipt or prepared to face the horrors of the Ashlands. They set up a camp, and began treating the burns as best they could. Why was an airship navigator lying here in the wastes? Where was his ship?
They broke camp and set off once more, it wasnt long before their scout called out! "I've found something your not going to believe!"
Anox was feeling more himself this morning, jolted back from the events of the previous night. He walked over to examine the injured and burnt Navigator, either this man had been thrown overboard in a mutiny or somewhere close by a skyship lay scattered across the ash.
Anox decided that a day could be spared from their journey to make a more detailed search of the surrounding land. They plotted out the search grid and Mist was sent to comb the area.
Later in the day Mist had discovered a location that appeared rather strange, bringing the party over, they found what appeared to be a tunnel entrance, now totally blocked off. Anox and Samper's attention was drawn to a strange looking boulder, that appeared artificial. In closer examination that discovered that the boulder was in fact a metallic sphere, that had been covered with dirt and rock, built up from storms over the centuries.
Breaking off the rocky surface, they uncovered the sphere in its true glory. This item lay upon a more rectangular block of stone beneath, fixed by an unknown source. Further examination revealed that the sphere contained a panel that opened to produce a headset, and direct input sockets. Unfortunately the Drone was not available, so Anox took it upon himself to don the headset and interface with the sphere.
Marvels of another age were shown to him, projected across his vision. The sphere revealed a lost city, and almost acted as an information service, guiding him to places that no longer existed.
Yet one place still remained in his vision, the peak of what was supposedly a Pyramid Evac Vault. To safe guard the people of this city in the event of a disaster. The City was called Ku'Makon. One of the options accessable via the headset was to unlock the sphere from its moorings. This allowed the sphere to soar to a height of 30 meters, yet the power indicators revealed that the sphere was dangerously low in energy. Using this option, Samper climbed onto the sphere and Anox raised the sphere into the sky, for them to get a better indication of the surrounding terrain.
There plan had worked, and Samper was able to identify what appeared to be the sails from a skyship located far off in the distance. They set out for the skyship, abandoning the sphere and marking the location of the Ku'Makon Vault on their maps for future reference,
Reaching the Skyship by dusk, they coudnt see any signs of activity aboard. It was clear that the ship had made an emergency landing, and was damaged, but nothing too serious, a few days of repairs at most. Forcing a cargo bay door on the lower-side of the hull, they gained entrance and combed the ship for signs of life. They discovered that the ship was travelling rather light, with a skeletal crew of only six members, no cargo, just supplies.
They decided that it was time to fully heal the Navigator Merrick. Nursing his wounds overnight the next day Merrick came round and was able to explain a little about the rest of the crew and their reasons for being out here in the Ashlands.
The ship was carrying an important High ranking member of the Noroth Council. She had discovered within ancient texts that within the Vault of Ku'Makon lay an item that would safe-guard her dwindling position on the High Council. Hence their expedition out here, the events of the acid storm forced their rather rough landing. Yet the Princess could waste little time on repairs, and set off towards the Vault immediately.
Taking advantage of the nice soft beds aboard the Shadow.Crosser, they rested and set off the next day for the vault, leaving Merrick to make basic repairs, while they were away, with plans to return within three days.
After treking a full day across the wastes they finally stood at the peak of the vault. This massive structure had sunken into the surrounding lands, now only the peak remained above the Ash and dirt. Thanks to the efforts of the Princess, the party quickly located the way that they had entered the Vault. Forcing open the doorway with great difficulty, they entered and located a series of metallic tubes that ran down deep into the vault's interior.
The Tubes were boobytrapped yet Samper located the source of the trap and dismantled it, much to the surprise of the rest of the group. It didnt appear that he really knew what he was doing, yet this didnt stop him. Was Samper being careless, or was this change, product of him now being a Marshal of Air.
With access to the tube, they climbed down the empty shaft to the lower floor, where they entered a chamber, bathed in a mild wall of light, never seen before. Crossing this light triggered a series of small Drone creatures, which began to open fire on the party. They soon made quick work of the defensive creatures and discovered the body of another member of the skyship. Stripped of all belongings, this man's luck had ran out.
They stepped out onto the dark unlit corridors of this vast structure, searching for a Princess, or making sure that she never leaves the Vault, in order to claim her vessel, under salvage law...