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  1. Konrad

    The 1337th New Texas Abyssal Fists

    The 1337th Abyssal Fists The 1337th Abyssal Fists are a mechanized infantry regiment of the New Texas Imperial Guard. They were stood up in response to the growing need for bodies within the Spinward Front of the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscura. Their initial foray was to Skrynne, a...
  2. Konrad

    INDE Steam Thread

    Hey guys, I just realized we're all gamers, which means there's a high chance everyone here has a steam account. So post yours, what games you're playing, and your steam account name. Let's start playing some games together. Maybe down the road we can even do organized game nights or something...
  3. Konrad

    KS Update UPDATE: Home Stretch!

    Hey guys, we know it's been a few hot minutes since we hit you with an update, so here's where we're at in the development of Shattered. We talk a little bit about worldbuilding and airships (I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!), and we'll be talking a little bit more about the world in future updates...
  4. Konrad

    A Question for the Players: Initiative

    [sp_show_poll id="1"] The poll says it all. Please let us know what your answer was and why below, even if you answered "Indifferent."
  5. Konrad

    Stories from Feneryss

    Like the description says, I wanted to make a place for people to share anything that's happened to them in Shattered that's really memorable. I'll start.аThis story is actually what got me so interested in Shattered and eventually led me to joining the team as Lead Editor. а This was a little...
  6. Konrad

    Please Read before you Post!

    Hello! And welcome to the Shattered Forums! Let me just be the first to say, we are PUMPED to have you on board! That said, before you begin posting and sharing your hopes, thoughts, stories, and friendly chit-chat we would really appreciate it if you introduced yourself over in the introduction...
  7. Konrad

    What Race are you most excited to play?

    RACES. Which one(s) are you most pumped to really get your hands on? I have a slight advantage, obviously, being involved in the developer process, but my favorite thus far has been the Vampires. They're ruthless creatures, gaining buffs from feeding on the other playable races, and when I...
  8. Konrad

    Hello there! Stay awhile and listen!

    Or don't, I'm not your town healer. а I AM the primary editor, logic hammer, and man of a million questions for the team. I've also made minor contributions to monsters and skills. Having spent much of my time poring over the team's work, I have an easy time with answering rules questions if...